An Extended Paradisiacal Escape!

Updated: Jun 28

While we continue to ease our travel restrictions and flight bans further, resilient and wanderlusting Singaporeans will do what's necessary to find a safe passage home, or simply some space to breathe and escape! You may be craving a long-haul reality check of a post-pandemic perspective. Having a reliable Private Travel Partner has never been so crucial; a guardian angel to support and navigate the changing rules at every turn, protecting your travel with the flexibility you need, and answering any travel questions along the way.

If you must stay for a fortnight, you might as well do it in style, with long-stay rates to your advantage. Here are our favorite destinations on where to spend your extended holiday, soaking up abundant Vitamin D by the seaside and letting your worries melt away...



What to expect & where to stay: Taking advantage of the gorgeous shores facing the Andaman Sea, a visit to Phuket is always a great decision! When it comes to incredible service, the kindness of strangers, and unbelievably fresh cuisine, you can't beat Thailand and the relaxed getaway you've been dreaming of.

Koh Samui

What to expect & where to stay: Basking under the sunshine at a plethora of undisturbed beaches or nearby National Parks, Koh Samui has retained its charm and serenity. As the largest island of the archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand, this is a mecca for divers and nature-lovers, offering luxurious villas to accommodate friends and family.

Sri Lanka

What to expect & where to stay: A wild adventure for all ages, encompassing cultural heritage, unique Safari and surfing, blissful tea plantation visits or getting up close and personal with elephants. We work with a great range of private villas to suit different family and group sizes.


What to expect & where to stay: Just a hop and skip away, our neighbors in Indonesia are ahead of the Covid-game as the perfect tropical base for all types of travelers. Whether you need to work in the same time zone, entertain younger children, explore beautiful temples or hop across amazing beach clubs, Bali has great neighborhoods to keep you on your toes.


What to expect & where to stay: Splash out at this dreamy setting and come for the seaplane alone, as the serene blues of sea and sky will suspend time and make you fall in love with the beauty of the natural world. Time to get your scuba-diving certificate, learn how to fish, respect ocean conservation and hideaway at your secluded overwater villa.

Turning the journey into a positive time to bond with the ones you love, enjoy this much-needed escape while out of the bubble. By choosing a stunning and relaxing destination with luxurious properties to base yourself from, you'll be glad you stayed longer. You can count on us to get you there and back safely, taking care of all the details every step of the way. We have a huge array of accommodation options at each destination, so please get in touch!


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