An Ode to Earth Day

Updated: Aug 21

After the past two years which focused on 'Climate Change: 2020' and 'Restore our Earth: 2021,' 2022's theme of how to 'Invest in Our Planet,' gives us ample food for thought. Besides our own individual actions that make a daily difference, we must consciously choose and support companies that uphold conservation and restoration with a minimal carbon footprint. This is an investment for the long run and for future generations that depend on us today.

The pandemic has certainly forced us to travel more mindfully, think consciously about the suppliers we choose to support, and tread carefully during our journeys with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. Echoing these thoughts, here are our top 6 choices who prove that their investments today are successfully building a brighter tomorrow by incorporating business with purpose. Bearing witness to their intentional steps will surely leave you impressed and contemplate a promising future.

Banwa Private Island, Philippines

Situated on a private island off Northeastern Palawan, Banwa is dedicated to their Marine Protected Area spanning 1,896 hectares, home to the Dugong and Hawksbill Turtle. Every guest contributes to the Aquos Foundation, whose projects protects endangered marine species, stimulates reef generation, and advances studies into several rare native birds forest sanctuaries.

Blue Apple Beach California

Not just a pretty place to relax, the enduring impact of Blue Apple Beach's eco-chic escape extends beyond sourcing their produce locally and using indigenous building materials. Keen to spread the goodwill of their reach and efforts, their nonprofit organisation Green Apple enlists the neighbouring hospitality sector to encourage sustainability and reduce waste.

Singita Lebombo Lodge, South Africa

Inspired by their ethos of 'touching the Earth lightly,' Singita has safeguarded the majesty of Africa's wild for nearly three decades, and intend to continue this commitment as their century-long promise. The Lowveld Trust manages a variety of conservation projects throughout all their parks such as anti-poaching initiatives, wildlife resarch and land management to protect the welfare of all creatures large and small.

Areias do Seixo, Portugal

This mindful property has been producing sustainability reports for over a decade to better communicate their sustainability concepts and how they intend to implement these goals. This awareness can be felt in every corner of their project, whether it's their garden borne out of love or rooms which harmoniously integrate into the natural surroundings.

Qualia, Australia

Qualia aims to showcase the stunning beauty of Great Barrier Reef which is a great driver towards conservation efforts and reducing their environmental footprint. Two of their ongoing initiatives meant improving their water production process and installing 7 liquid composters to convert waste into grey water, which then goes towards irrigating the island's parks and gardens!

Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelles

Motivated by the island's marvellous ecosystem, Six Senses 'sustains its integrity' by increasing their food self-sufficiency through their resort garden and organic practices. Forest restoration is also key to their efforts, such as reintroducing authentic flora and fauna that protects indigenous species. As an important nesting site for sea turtles, they also monitor these hatchlings to ensure the population thrives!

For those who love to travel and find solace in the planet's wildness, here's to championing and loving our Earth everyday and forever. Choose your path wisely and we promise you won't regret the change for good.


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