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Updated: Aug 21

It is no wonder that an architectural design of a property can instantly uplift and transform one's mood while preserving the cultural heritage of the destination, or camouflaging itself in the natural environment. Seasoned travelers might even journey around the world to view the works of a well-known architect, whose projects may have been decades in the making! In essence, these physical buildings are also capturing a moment in history and reflect how we define shelter in combination with artistry. Demonstrating a jaw-dropping WOW factor and pushing the boundaries of design, make plans to visit the properties below...

Tierra Patagonia - Torres del Paine, Chile

The brainchild of Cazú Zegers Architectura, the vastness of Patagonia Austral inspired an unassuming design that lays low to the ground, and whose shape emerges naturally from the relentless wind, anchored by stones. They use solely natural materials and incorporate giant windows that invite the epic landscapes in. In their own words, "ecotourism is the experience of nature. Modern man is not equipped to live in the open air without protection, which is why the building should be like a second skin."

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

One of the Maldives' newest offerings as an Ultra-Luxury Resort, the modern design of the villas hang suspended above cerulean waters or are tucked away privately in beach coves. Their intention is to blend seamlessly into the natural environment, inspired greatly by the sun and the sea. Kerry Hill Architects have designed an eye-catching circular spa, whose curvature in the midst of the ocean is a sight to behold.

Taj Lake Palace - Udaipur, India

Suspended in the middle of Lake Pichola in the white city of Udaipur, this heavenly floating palace was once the home of a young prince. Rajput architecture blends Hindu and Mughal structural design, and has been restored in 1972 to its former glory. Its marble interiors, stained glass windows, and notable courtyards add regal charisma to this exquisite setting, facing out towards the Aravalli mountains in the distance.

Hotel Marqués de Riscal - Rioja, Spain

At the heart of Rioja's wine region, Frank O. Gehry has conceived an avant-garde display of movement and elegance for these iconic winemakers; expect stunning silver strands tinged with a stripe of purple, shimmering boldly against the skyline. Match this with a visit to Bilbao less than an hour and a half away, where Gehry's giant Guggenheim museum is another dramatic wave floating above ground.

Xigera - Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

As the Tollman family takes sustainability to new levels, they have commissioned Anton de Kock's architectural vision interlaced with Southern Guild Gallery's art, design and craftsmanship that bring the spirit of Africa to life at Xigera. Infusing elements of long-term impact, a minimal footprint, and Pel's Fishing Owl in flight, their focus inspires a mindful connection to nature that truly engages and educates visitors. Don't miss the Baobao Suite for an unforgettable night under the stars.

Sextantio Le Grotte - Matera, Italy

The most striking aspect of Sextantio Le Grotte is the fact that the interiors of Sassi di Matera have been intact since the Middle Ages, offering a chance for guests to turn back time and imagine living in a cave by candlelight. Their mission is to retain the history and respect for the original structure ("Albergo Diffuso - Hotel Diffused"), where the dining area was once a Rock Church and the thoughtful staff reveal the story of cave-dwellers who lived here less than a century ago.

These incredible structures must be seen up close and personal, where you'll have a chance to admire their beauty and grandeur. Leading the way with these one-of-a-kind epic designs, enjoy staying at one of these fantastic properties with the support of us.


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