The Wander Clan's 'Ultimate Wanderluxe List' continues...

Updated: Aug 21

What we love most about travel is the seemingly endless variety to suit every individual's tastes. Encompassing adrenaline-fuelled adventure in epic natural settings, culinary feasts for gastronomes, cultural highlights or historical tours to connect us to the past, the transformative aspect of luxury travel is simply undeniable. Surely you already have a few dream destinations that have piqued your interest, and our Ultimate WanderLuxe List aims to add to this growing inventory.

Plan ahead for your lifetime of travel, and dig deeper into these incredible experiences below.

Fantastic Four Seasons' Experience

French heritage and gastronomy at its finest

Surpassing boundaries for clientele at Four Seasons Hotel George V, be one of the first to tour Europe’s largest private collection of French Art Nouveau at Maison Belle Époque, once the former house of Perrier-Jouët founders. Traverse vineyards from the Middle Ages along the longest wine road in Loire Valley, accompanied by a Vice-Sommelier, as you continue to drink your way through renowned wine districts and discover kitchen gardens. The Palace of Versailles and Château de Fontainebleau history will surprise you, ending with sunset romance on a cruise a La Seine.

Sail Away on Blue Deer Sea Lodge

Exclusive-use Italian catamaran for your heart's delight

On Blue Deer, they are truly "Sailing beyond ordinary horizons. To experience who you really are." There is no match for spending time out at sea, a vast eternity where you feel simultaneously cradled and connected to our blue planet. As the salty wind caresses you while lazing in the netting (the ultimate appeal of catamaran sailing), the sails unfurl above, there are water sports galore and you retreat to their swoon worthy, modern cabins at the end of the day, their exceptional luxurious details are well worth the escape where your every whim is catered to.

Sink into The Invisible House

A Californian Architectural marvel all to yourself

Imagine landing at an endless rectangle with walls made of glass, immersed in the desert and complete with a 100-foot indoor pool. This is the stuff of dreams built for just 6 lucky guests; an experimental home that emphasises the rugged and wild surroundings of Joshua Tree. As natural light floods in from every angle, elevate your senses while cooking in a state of the art kitchen, with a minimalist master bathroom and rain shower that overlooks rocky terrain. At dawn and dusk, you'll marvel at how these huge windows capture light and colour: simply otherworldly.

Dive into a Blue Safari on Alphonse Island

Surreal Seascapes awaiting in the Seychelles

For the scuba fanatics, this is an unmissable trip of a lifetime! Ashore, the secret island's beach suites and villas offer exotic simplicity and private plunge pools, with grounds inclusive of an Aldabra tortoise sanctuary, tree nursery, Azure Spa and an extensive fishing and entertainment centre. Thrice a day, enjoy immersive dives at 34 diverse sites, with a chance to explore unchartered waters and encounter pelagic predators in the pristine Indian Ocean. If you needed one more reason: this conservation paradise even has its resident pod of spinner dolphins...

Feel inspired by 'The Wander Clan's Ultimate WanderLuxe List,' and start putting these new travel dreams into motion. Alongside with our travel expertise, we will create incredible bespoke itineraries for the year ahead, the only question to ask is ... Where to next?


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