Presenting 'The Wander Clan's Ultimate WanderLuxe List'

Updated: Aug 21

What we love most about travel is the seemingly endless variety to suit every individual's tastes. Encompassing adrenaline-fuelled adventure in epic natural settings, culinary feasts for gastronomes, cultural highlights or historical tours to connect us to the past, the transformative aspect of luxury travel is simply undeniable. Surely you already have a few dream destinations that have piqued your interest, and our Ultimate WanderLuxe List aims to add to this growing inventory. Whether splurging on a once-in-a-lifetime journey by private jet, getting up close and personal with silverback gorillas, or diving in the idyllic waters surrounding Komodo islands, there is bound to be an adventure here that awaits your discovery...

Plan ahead for your lifetime of travel, and dig deeper into these incredible experiences.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Staying at One & Only Gorilla's Nest

Amidst the raw beauty of Rwanda, the success story of mountain gorilla conservation is a hopeful tale in the face of tourism. Their natural habitat in Virunga is protected by community-led anti-poachers, and the deep relationships between rangers and habituated gorilla families is a touching reality. Crossing bamboo forests and dense undergrowth is all worthwhile once you make eye-contact with these familiar mammals. Your refuge at the foothills of Volcanoes National Park, Gorilla's Nest is an awe-inspiring oasis, a place to feel free and dance to the drum of Rwandan rhythms.

View the Northern Lights from a Private Lodge in Lapland

Staying at Octola Private Wilderness

With breathtaking purple, blue and green hues that dance across the sky, this natural phenomena must be seen to be believed. Northern Lights reveal a dazzling display in Finnish Lapland, whose intensity is derived by gaseous solar activity colliding with our Earth's magnetic field. At its prime, expect to see rippling curtain-like sheets, hypnotic glows, and pulsating dollops of colour. After a fruitful night of glorious skyspotting, relax in Octola's masterful 'new luxury' log cabin for complete nature immersion.

Komodo Cruise Expedition

Staying aboard Amandira

With the world's most biologically diverse underwater sites that continue to flourish, snorkellers and divers will encounter thousands of species of corals and tropical fish, sharks, and oceanic mantas, the gentle giants of the sea. On land, hike across volcanic terrain for scenic views, encounter majestic Komodo dragons and endemic species, spot giant flying fox bats at sunset, or simply tan on one of many pristine beaches. Sailing along with Amandira is the ultimate luxury, where you'll be treated to private starlit barbeques during your odyssey.

Explore the World by Private Jet

In flight on Four Seasons' Airbus A321neo and in highest category deluxe rooms

at each property

The ease of arriving by private jet takes the complexity out of this multi-destination adventure that covers a multitude of ecosystems. Just imagine this fantastic 21-day itinerary to look forward to in 2023: Jazz and Creole in New Orleans, Jungles and Pura Vida in Costa Rica, Cusco and the Andes of Machu Picchu, Romance and Arts in Buenos Aires, Wildlife abound during 4 nights on an Antarctica Cruise, Coffee and Colombian cuisine in Bogotá, and relaxing at their idyllic Bahamian enclave. Pampered every step of the way by Four Seasons, it really doesn't get much better than this!

Our first list of many, we hope you feel inspired by 'The Wander Clan's Ultimate WanderLuxe List,' and start putting these new travel dreams into motion. Alongside us, who will create incredible bespoke itineraries for the year ahead, the only question to ask is ... Where to next?