Unique Destinations both Wild and Far-Flung

Let The Wander Clan lead you astray into these fascinating worlds that exist in reality and not just within your dreams! One of the most compelling aspects of travel is venturing (and surviving!) the long and meandering journey it takes to arrive, so that time spent at these far-flung locales is all the more valuable. Whether dotted in the middle of the South Pacific, nestled in the Northern outskirts of Iceland, or cradled up in the clouds above, you won't regret landing at these unforgettable and tantalising properties. One thing they all have in common is their unending respect and enhancement of the surrounding environment. Trust us, it's well worth every penny and you'll find it hard to leave...

The Brando, French Polynesia

A place of pure paradise on the island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, The Brando wows with its rare biodiversity, nod to Tahitian royalty with sacred gardens and ancient marae (temples), and impactful sustainability that causes the resort to flourish. Star-studded guests relish in Marlon Brando's visionary property, and eco-conscious Residences will put your mind at ease. A fairytale sanctuary that must be seen to be believed, this place will capture your heart and change your perspective about the fragility of the atoll.

Sheldon Chalet, Alaska

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is renowned for some of the most outstanding Caribbean scenery, following a string of volcanic islands and uninterrupted ocean views. Arrive at Mandarin Oriental Canouan by their resort private jet, whose lush landscape and coral reefs set the scene for your spirited island retreat. The estate is so huge that you'll have a golf buggy escorting you across the grounds when you're not indulging in yacht excursions, deep-sea fishing, mastering the 18-hole golf course, tortoise spotting or simply lounging by the infinity pool.

Deplar Farm, Iceland

Converted from a sheep farm and blending effortlessly into Iceland's remote landscape with black timber cladding and a grass-sodden roof, Deplar Farm boasts a geothermal pool, an outdoor Viking sauna and Isopod floatation tanks. Get off the beaten path and explore the Troll Peninsula, an incredible gateway for sea kayaking, whale watching around fjords, fat-biking, skiing, and witnessing the Northern Lights. Summer explorers can lap up the stunning Fljot Valley during midnight sun by horse-back, fly-fishing at private rivers, hiking magnificent trails and taking epic helicopter tours to witness the natural artistry on the ground.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Uganda

& Beyond's lodge is perched right at the entrance of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, whose name itself beckons you to witness these volcanic stone cottages firsthand. Come for the dramatic views alone, stretching across to the Congo border, Virunga Volcanoes and forest vistas just below the ridge. The proximity to your gorilla trekking trails and opportunity to meet with the Batwa tribe amidst these pristine surroundings is a delight for the senses.

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

Pronounced 'Ooo-shoo-ah' as a total sigh of relief, this Trancoso hideaway in Brazil will have you humming to its rhythm from the moment you land. Just 12 antique casas dot this sustainably-driven design hotel, complete with open-air bathrooms, reclaimed furniture and local artwork to enrich the Bahian culture around it. Their Vida Lab wellness initiative highlights the vast biodiversity of Brazil through boutique nutritional programs.

Take action and book one or more of these fabulous and exclusive properties through your Wander Clan Designer, who will make the journey simply effortless! Each offering has wild ecosystems and immersive experiences that are waiting to be discovered by you.


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