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Updated: Aug 21

There are times when one's path of travel is inspired by the past, dictated by the family's decision, an urge to witness natural wildlife, or when we are simply drawn to a destination that pulls us in with its everlasting mystique. On this occasion, and in preparation for the jubilant months ahead, The Wander Clan has rounded up five unmissable global events which should be reason enough to arrive in style! Being part of these cultural highlights will undoubtedly offer the true heart of these exotic countries at play and tradition...

Songkran, Thailand

April 13-15

Celebrating the Buddhist New Year with origins from a Hindu spring festival, Songkran is derived from the Sanskrit word of 'entering or passing into.' Known as a Water Splashing festival to express compassion and goodwill, Thai homes, temples and schools are also cleansed to avoid bad luck. Ceremonial rituals are practiced such as pouring scented water onto Buddha's torso, draping floral garlands around the elderly, and offering food to monks.

Stay at: The Siam, Bangkok

Seville Fair, Seville

May 1-7

Entering Spring in full force, Feria de Abril de Sevilla kicks off with an enthusiastic commitment to dancing in fabulous costumes, social drinking and eating to your heart's delight. Dating back to 1846, the city and fair comes alive for seven full days, where your stamina will be tested with buzzy all-nighters, eating traditional dishes at casetas, and embracing night lights of the portada on the opening night: la noche del pascaito.

Stay at: Corral del Rey, Seville

Cannes Film Festival, Cannes

May 15-23

The artistic achievements of creative talent have been recognised on this stage in Cannes since 1946. This prestigious film festival is a truly glittering gathering of those interested in film and their striving innovative feats. Known as a marketplace for producers and distributors to find or share their latest projects, new films and documentaries are also previewed from a global market. Along the sidelines, you'll be in awe of the industry's most well respected professionals dressed to the nines for red-carpet glamour.

Stay at: Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa, Cote D'Azur

Midnight Sun, Scandinavia

Late May - Mid July

Above the Arctic Circle, expect full days of sunlight to enliven your mind and spirit! Life seems to take on a new dimension with this unending energy, where activities and sights are open for all your midnight adventures. Whether looking for an adrenaline rush of adventure such as glacier hiking and sea kayaking, or golfing and fishing into the evening hours, the appeal of stretching out each day is an immense opportunity to maximise on your well-earned Summer.

Stay at: The Reykjavík EDITION

Inti Raymi festival, Cusco

June 2022

Also known as the Festival of the Sun, this crucial religious ceremony is in honour of the Incan Sun King and Pachamama Mother Earth. During the shortest day of the Southern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice and the New Year in the Incan calendar, this majestic procession and rituals have been celebrated for over half a century. Over 25,000 musicians and dancers are adorned in elaborate costumes and painted faces, set against the fortress of Sacsayhuaman's massive boulder walls and Plaza de Armas' magnificent atmosphere.

Stay at: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel, Cusco

Now there's no time to waste, so get in touch with your 360 travel designer today and prepare yourself for an authentic and soulful getaway that only arrives once a year. These events must be seen and felt in person, and you won't regret being part of the experience.


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