Why do you need a personal travel advisor?

Updated: Jul 28

Incredible travel experiences, curated for you by the pros. Your key to travel like no other…

When you plan a trip with me as your personal travel advisor, you’re unlocking a world of in-the-know expertise, unbelievable travel perks, and access to a well-edited portfolio of the best brands in the business. I bring together more than 2,500 elite travel companies, from five-star hotel groups and renowned cruise lines to boutique properties and high-end adventure travel outfitters around the world. When it comes to experiencing the best of the best in travel, it's about who you know – and I will connect you to the world.

As a personal travel advisor, this is what I can do for you:

Personalised planning – the trips and experiences you want (and those unforgettable moments you didn’t even know where possible), tailored to your interests.

Travel perks, from hotel room upgrades to complimentary breakfasts and spa treatments, exclusive cruise excursions, and more.

VIP access around the globe. See the Sistine Chapel after hours, skip the lines at Angkor Wat, explore the Galápagos Islands with a third-generation naturalist guide.

Insider knowledge. Thanks to my own travels and personal relationships with my hotel and tourism partners around the world, I can take trip recommendations well beyond the expected.

Peace of mind. Leave the logistics to me, and rely on my insights and support every step of the way. Last-minute cancellations, border closures, unexpected changes – as your personal travel advisor I have you covered!

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@thewanderclan.official is a private travel company based in Singapore, curating bespoke itineraries for consumers in the luxury sector from all over the world! It is an independent agent of @360privatetravel ‑ a proud member of #Virtuoso, leveraging their support of leading travel network expertise and preferred travel partner programs to provide unique travel benefits and value‑added amenities to The Wander Clan clients.



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