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From SGD8,000 per person, embark on an enlightening 8-day Christian heritage journey to Jerusalem, Israel, where history and spirituality converge. Immerse yourself in the Old City of Jerusalem, tracing the footsteps of Jesus, and visit Bethlehem, home to the Church of the Nativity. Explore Yad Vashem, a poignant memorial, and delve into the Judean Desert's highlights, including the captivating Zippori. Experience the serene beauty of the Sea of Galilee and the Banias, culminating in a visit to the Stella Maris Monastery atop Mount Carmel. This pilgrimage offers a profound exploration of religious sites and cultural gems, inviting you to connect with the rich Christian heritage of the Holy Land.


Journey to Jerusalem - 8 Days

  • Flights not included for all itineraries.

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