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From SGD 12,600 per person here is an opportunity to experience authentic Korean life and learn firsthand about the history and culture of this wonderful place. Each day has been thoughtfully cultivated by Remote Lands to ensure that your time is spent embracing the most unique and meaningful elements of this country with the assistance from expert guides and incorporation of specialty locations and insider experiences. Begin in Seoul, the vibrant capital, exploring its diverse cityscape alongside three accomplished guides. Each will provide you with their distinctive insights into this fascinating urban environment. Travel outside the city limits to the DMZ, where you will be given an opportunity to pass by military checkpoints and view the isolated nation of North Korea. Visit the old capital of the Silla dynasty, a city called Gyeongju, dotted with Buddhist temples and millennium-old edifices. Beach-laden Busan is next, featuring Korean favorites of Spa Land and the Haeundae boardwalk. In the Jeollado province, you will discover the verdant tea fields of Boseong and the fascinating recent history of Gwangju. Your final locale will be the breathtaking Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the New Seven Wonders of the Nature, and a pride of the Korean people.



The Ultimate South Korean Cultural Experience - 14 Days

  • Flights not included for all itineraries.

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